The Timing of the Rapture

Last night was one of those “Blood Moons” and some are saying it is the last of the prophetic blood moons, as it book ends the famous ones a few years ago.

But I have not ever been persuaded that these “blood moons” were of the significance many claim they are/were. Unlike the Rev 12 sign on Sept 23 of 2017 and the great American Eclipse shortly before that. Those 2 heavenly signs woke me up.

These blood moons do not properly correspond with those listed in scripture:

Revelation 6:
12 And when He had opened the sixth seal, I looked, and behold, there was a great earthquake. And the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood.

We have not seen the great earthquake nor the sun turn black, and remember this is the 6th seal, and the rapture happens before the 1st!

These other “blood moons” may be precursors, but if so are minor signs, but there are other signs I am watching, and mostly Syria, Damascus, and Israel.

And while I spoke of the possibility, and even probability of the rapture occurring at the destruction of Damascus, or possibly the onslaught of the Ezek 38 war, now I am not so sure.

I discuss those possibilities here:

The Time of the Gentiles

As I study and meditate on this more I have my doubts, and feel the Holy Spirit or the Lord directing my “prophetic” opinion elsewhere.

I am now of the opinion, that Israel will provoke these nations into attacking her. And why would Israel make such a provocation, and what would that provocation be?

It is my belief, watching today’s events, Israel will continue to attack Iran’s presence in Syria, and first, and already started, is Syria’s negative response to this. Next will be Russia, as they have continues to tell Israel, “no more”.

So what would that trigger be? how about the destruction of Damascus?

Iran has spoken in the last day they are preparing to destroy Israel in 1 final war:

Iranian air chief: ‘We’re ready for the decisive war that will destroy Israel’

If Iran, with Syria’s help, does some deed bigger than normal, Israel will respond in kind and bigger. We don’t ask what will cause this to occur, but rather we should ask what is stopping such to occur?

America. We are the salt in this Earth, just as the church is the spiritual salt in the earth.

Matt 5:13 You are the salt of the earth…

America’s strong presence does stop violence from happening, because many evil nations know if they go to far, America will attack them. Israel also is kept in check from attacking her enemies, because she knows that those enemies are kept at bay because of America.

What if America becomes crippled? Then Iran will be glad to attack Israel. And such an attack would trigger Israel’s response to destroy Damascus, as Syria helps Iran with such an attack.

And when Damascus is made a ruinous heap, Russia will no longer tolerate Israel’s boldness in Syria. Added to the fact that Syria’s destruction would remove Russia’s potential for spoils of war. Their eyes with anger and greed will turn to Israel once America has been crippled.

America’s crippling is imminent. And it will most likely begin with the rapture. And afterwards more disasters, as has occurred in the last 2-3 years, and perhaps even a near civil war.

America is doomed, and it will begin with the rapture. The pieces are nearly aligned on the board for these events to take place. The fall of America is imminent.

Today I went through the book of Joel. I am quite certain most of chapters 1-2 are of the Ezekiel 38 war. And some have timed this event prophetically by the harvests listed there, spring and summer harvests.

If true, then the Ezek 38 war could happen this spring, and if it happens this spring, then the destruction of Damascus has to happen before that. And for that to happen, America’s fall has to happen before that.

This is no “Thus saith the Lord”. This is no prophecy. And I have not studied the harvests of Joel, myself. This is just my “prophetic” opinion.

But I believe the age of grace is about to end, and people need to be ready.


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