GoDaddy in Trouble again

I can’t stand GoDaddy, and to be honest I never knew much about them until they got involved in my business. About 2 years ago I had a customer in my side business building websites who had a GoDady website and he wanted it upgraded. To make the changes he wanted I was going to move his site to another host. GoDaddy would not help, and told me to take them to court! Well the customer wouldn’t work with me either and I let the job drop out of the picture.

But now I knew that if I had any customers with a GoDaddy account, we would not be able to help them.

Then last year Congress was about to take action against internet piracy and copyright invringement and make some new laws. Some really tough laws many people were upset about. And due to the public uproar those were dropped. But GoDaddy had decided to back up Congresses decision, and many people protested against GoDaddy and left. I am quite sure many of those people had the problems I discussed above. But because it was so big publicly GoDaddy had to make a nice face on it and help them leave, how many did they not help tho? I wonder.

Then shortly after New Years this year, I lost my website due to losing my credit card and forgetting to tell my host, GoDaddy snuck in and snatched up my website from under me. They then wanted $200 for me to get it back. Yeah right, and get stuck with their lousy service? No thanks. I let it go, knowing I had the site outdated for a long time having worked on this blog instead.

But now GoDaddy is in trouble again!

Some hacker decided to hack a bunch of GoDaddy sites! I say “ha, they deserve it!”

Before all this the only thing I know what GoDaddy was about was their racy Superbowl commercials, some which were banned before being aired. They resort to racy commercials to get customers and then give bad service. I hope they go out of business!

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