Audio Clips Archive pages available

I had this idea a couple months back, and now it’s done. I have created 5 pages of all but 5 clips I have posted on this blog, archived in specific subjects. Most of the clips are listed as newest to oldest. The front page to the clips will be listed above as Audio Clips, but on the right they all will be listed. But here are the links and categories:

Page 1 discusses: Legal/Defence stance, Randy breaking law/Disrespecting authority, Money/Finances, Randy/Jeff/CiM speaking about me

Page 2 discusses: Randy/CiM lusts for authority & Randy/CiM is the center of God’s will/They have the perfect:

Page 3 discusses: Validation/Trying to prove they represent God & Prophecy:

Page 4 discusses: Death/Raise the Dead/attacks from satan, John McManus, & Jerry Collum:

Page 5 discusses: Bad doctrine/theology/Randy being motivated by the demonic, Admitting abuse/error, & Freedom:


Since these are pages, and not posts, like this one, they will be easily accessible and should be a valuable tool for anyone wanting greater confirmation for wanting to leave CiM or thinking about moving and having doubts.

Some clips don’t make a lot of sense, and if you find the original post I placed it in, you will find more discussion about what is happening. For example, some clips talk about “making room” but the clip doesn’t say what for. But my brief description does. If however you find the commentary on the whole service you can learn what the subject was about, and that was authority over others, as the example.


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