25 years of searching

April 21, 2014

About 25 years ago (pre-Church in Marshall), I spent a short time, at Fort Myers Florida.

I spent time at 3 churches there. I was newly spirit filled and untrained in God’s word and God’s ways.

At one church, at one of my visits they played a video about a man who claimed to have visited heaven over 80 times. This was around late 1989 or early 1990. It was an awesome video that actually set me on a revelation path I am still on today.

For years, about 25, I spent a good amount of time trying to locate that video. I didn’t remember the church name, the man who testified of the account or even how many times he went. I know now because I succeeded! I contacted ministries, churches, searched the internet, and so on to no avail.

Then on Easter Sunday, I was researching the Biblical stance or failure of the new film “Is Heaven Real”. I had been asked by a couple of people about it, and a friend went to see it.

I had not heard about the film until it was released, but am skeptical of stories of heavenly visits. I found that the film has 2 unbiblical statements:

1. Humans have wings like angels and halos
2. They state the time frame of Christ’s return

Years ago I learned that halos are originated in pagan art! And of coarse there is no Biblical mention of humans having wings.

People who know me, know I am good at finding things online. I don’t know if the video I was searching for wasn’t online, I had recently got better, or destiny had another purpose. But on Sunday I decided once again to take up the search to compare it to this latest film.

In less than 3 minutes I found it.

I decided not to make note of it to anyone until I rewatched the video, now that I know the Bible and am more mature in the faith. And I did so.

While the video is lengthy and very dated, it still is wonderful. The man’s name is Rev. Oden Hetrick and he is NOT flashy nor exploitive. Nor does any of his story contradict scripture, that I can find.

The next best testimony of a heavenly visit that I know of would be Jesse DuPlantis, but I find him flashy and slightly exploitive.

Most of these type of stories are NDE’s, near death experiences. And some are hoax’s, others are misunderstandings and wrong interpretations of what occurred. In the film and book “Is Heaven Real” how are we to trust the opinion and understanding of a boy who is 3-4 years old? I think the boy was exploited and what he saw misunderstood.

But with Reverend Oden Hetrick, you get a humble man who knows God’s word fairly well, who isn’t exploiting his experience.

His message about what he says about what’s outside of New Jerusalem inspired my own studies 25 years ago and continues today which currently can be found in my teaching here:


But without further ado here is the video:

Link source gone

October 12, 2013

One of the highest sources of sending folks here or to my website is now gone. Rick Ross’s website, which discussed abusive churches and cults, has been bought by some Casino advertisement. Having been through that similarly, I doubt it was on purpose. Years back I posted a “thread” about Randy and CiM on their site and linked it back. It had high search engine placement and sent many people to this blog or my website.

Posting this as news for any who care, as I doubt it really means much, I still maintain very high placement myself even with my new site. And most of my work in that area is done.

Though it may be really bad news for them as they worked with many bad churches and cults.

But my new website is doing well, and have even put up new pages, other topics besides Randy and CiM. Focusing on the original intent of the website; Christian doctrine and truth.

Randy Shankle’s Mom has died

September 10, 2013

Randy’s Mom died this summer.


Response to Truthguard

August 12, 2013

Just a short time ago, I discovered a couple of websites that uncovered abuse within Elder Rule. I created a new page on my website discussing this. In general they are good sites with some minor errors. I went into details about such on my new page.

I then proceeded to contact both websites and asked for there response to my new page.

Truthguard.com responded and I finally replied.

Usually I will take such back and forth responses here on a blog. But since its a matter of doctrine I decided to make a new page on it.

Church Government Part 5 – Eldership Rule Part 3


Video of Randy talking about me

July 31, 2013

I posted a video of Randy talking about me at his Domestic Dominion Conference. I am not sure if this is the same one I posted as audio years ago, but doubt it. I think its a similar message of him saying I am his nemesis.


July 3, 2013

Just so folks know, my forum is no longer operational. I see folks have been clicking on old links to it recently. But all the posts and threads relevant are now gone.

I originally made it a couple weeks before the popular main ex-CiM forum became live (which I did not make). But my forum never got used often, though there were some nice posts on it. I abandoned it, and tried a couple of other companies which had better quality, but those never got any or very few visitors. Then I rediscovered my original one was still being used so I maintained it. Eventually the forum rules, which are enforced by the company for free forums, deleted all the posts because they were not being added onto. It was serious bummer. But things had calmed down so I just let things be.

Recently I went back, because people have been going there, and found some commercial spam, went to delete it, and couldn’t log in. The free account was tied to an email address I now no longer have (same thing with my audio files). So now the silly forum is stuck in limbo, and it also is tied to the website I used to have as well.

The point here is just don’t visit the forum, there is nothing to read there except spam.

And since I mentioned it, the old ex-CiM forum which was quite popular, is still up, but the last post was made there 3 years ago (in about a week). There are no links to the thing anywhere I can find in the whole internet, and I don’t link to it either, tho I have many quotes from it here on this blog.

But this is all fine, as such discussions are not happening any more on that level.

Roger Grenier

June 29, 2013

Roger Grenier has a website up, showing and selling his cd’s. I found him through Michael Barrett’s website.





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